Friday, January 27, 2012

Running In The Rain

I was planning on running somewhere around 8-9 miles this morning since I didn't have work, but when I stepped outside to get my headphones from my car, I found myself hesitating to leave the overhang.  It was raining... ok, well misting in Florida standards, but raining in California standards.

I will admite that I have used the rain as an excuse not to run, but today, I didn't give myself that option.  It goes back to that whole overcoming self-sabotage thing I talked about earlier this week.  I needed to get out and run.  While it wouldn't be the long run I had originally planned, I had to get out there for at least 3 miles.

So, I switched from my tech shirt to my dad's old long sleeve cycling jersey that I've come to rely on during colder times.  However, it wasn't really that cold.  I discovered that after I had started running and the rain decided to stop.

I did get my 3 miles in (and a little more), but they weren't my best 3 miles.  But you know what, today it doesn't matter.  I got out there and ran in conditions where I would normally hide inside.  I got out there and burned some calories, woke up, and got ready to take on the day.

So yes, I didn't get the 8 miles I had planned, but I'm not heart broken.  I'll get that run in, I'm already planning it for Sunday or Monday... The other good news, the knot in my calf is FINALLY loosening up.  It's taken its time, but it's finally loosening up.  So just remember...

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