Friday, March 24, 2017

New Cross Training

I was originally looking at buying an elliptical for the house since the wonderful Florida summer is coming pretty quickly.  Soon it will be 80 degrees before the sun even rises.  However, in my search I also started to think about indoor bikes.  Of course those only go up in price so before I really invested time or money into a new machine I started to go to some of the indoor bicycling classes at my gym.

The first class was challenging, fun, and it was a lot of different sets so pretty interesting.  My quads definitely felt the burn.  The second and third classes were with a different instructor who really liked hills.  We did climbing intervals for pretty much the whole class.  However, his enthusiasm and encouragement was off the chart and I really enjoyed the class.  My legs burned even more, especially cause I was still able to increase my resistance on the bikes.

I was feeling all the classes for the whole day.  It was one of those, I'm definitely in pain, but it's a good pain type of feelings.  The most interesting thing is that I haven't been sore the next days.  My legs have been tired, but not sore.  I tried to run after the first class, and it was pretty rough because of how exhausted my legs were.  I am hoping to run tomorrow, but we will see how that goes...

I haven't decided if I'm going to buy my own bike and just sign up for online spinning classes or keep going to the classes at my gym.  Probably the biggest issue will be my schedule and how often I can get to a class.  This week I've had extra days to experiment, and now next week I work a lot.  We'll just have to see I guess...

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Back At It... Again

I really need to stop having to re-train.  I know this last time wasn't completely my fault, well intentionally at least, but I'm sick of having to retrain and start at practically nothing again.  Luckily I managed to stay in shape a little bit with my time of the elliptical and workouts at home with Sworkit.

Of course, when I should have been getting back on the road, I ended up going on vacation back home in California.  So I had to deal with hills... lots of hills.  I did manage to get one short but decent run in and was rewarded with a pretty spectacular sunrise.

I finally adjusted back to east coast time this morning and managed to get back out on a run.  I really planned to do a 5k max because I didn't know how I was going to feel, I had a healing ankle (rolled it when I wasn't paying attention), and I did have to go to work... I did end up doing all 3.1 miles and I was proud of myself, but my endurance is definitely struggling.  The good news is that my speed has actually gotten better!  I managed a sub-9 minute mile pace while running and a sub 16-minute mile pace during my walks.  My ankle handled it well and I didn't feel sore at all at work.

It is definitely time to buckle down and get back into training.  Star Wars is next month so I have 8 weeks to get ready for a challenge weekend... I'm back to telling myself that I will at least finish (I can walk it), but I still want to do better than that.  So less than 8 weeks, but I can do it...

Friday, February 17, 2017


This whole not running outside thing is driving me insane.  Luckily I am able to workout and run on the elliptical so I have kept my endurance up, but I miss running through the local neighborhoods.  I miss having that time to myself and to clear my head.  I have started going to a local nature preserve to get outside still and while I enjoy my time, it's still not the same.

I hit the gym today for my normal elliptical workout, but my roommate had reminded me that I had wanted to run a half marathon on the machine during this time.  That reminder got to me and I indeed went 13.09 miles on the elliptical.  Why not .01 more to hit a real half?  I don't want to mess up my records on my Nike+ app.  It's stupid and petty, but I want those records to be on the road, not on the elliptical.

It was hard, not going to lie.  My quads are tight and I'm definitely going to be sore, but I made it and I'm proud of myself, and my legs.  Tomorrow I'm back to hiking, but I might get another go at the elliptical on Sunday.

Hopefully good news is on the horizon.  I have my follow up appointment next week, and while I expect I will have to get another imaging appointment, and then another follow up, hopefully I will be back running outside and on the streets in the next few weeks!  I cannot wait!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

It's Official...

I know it's about a month early, but I've done it... I've made the final commitment other than actually running the race.  I have officially signed up for the 2018 Dopey Challenge.  In just under a year I will be running 48.6 miles... in 4 days. 

Even though currently I'm not allowed to run on the streets, this just has me more and more excited to hit the pavement.  The good news is I'm allowed on the elliptical so I guess it's time to put in a lot of miles on those machines!  

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Good News, Bad News

I have good running news and I have bad running news, which is actually also good depending on how you look at it...

Good News- I got signed up for 2017's Lumiere's 2 Plate Challenge!  Another race on the schedule, another chance to make sure I'm ready for the Dopey Challenge.  I'm excited.  I know the Wine and Dine race, and the course specifically, have always been a bit controversial with some people liking it and other not so much.  For me, I've always enjoyed it, but I'll really enjoy anything that lets me get out there, show off my hard work, and earn some bling in the process.

Bad News- I found out I have a health problem, an enlarged spleen, that will prevent me from running outside for at least a month.  I can walk, and speed walk, as long as I keep it gentle for the most part.  I also can't fall, play really any ball sport, or do anything to my stomach/spleen area.  I'm going to get really stir crazy, but I'm already excited for when I can get completely back into it.

The good news from this?  I've been suffering from on and off stomach issues for a while and if this is the problem or going to point more towards the problem, then I'm happy.  I'm at the point that I'm tired of never finding anything so even bad news is good news at the moment!

Life is full of these Good and Bad events... it's what makes life interesting and fun to live!  You just have to make whatever you can out of the event, find the positive in every situation, and continue enjoying every day!

Friday, January 6, 2017

CANCELLED- 2017 Walt Disney World Half Marathon

Trust Donald to cause drama when it comes to any events surrounding his race.  It might be a big year, the 20th anniversary, but that doesn't stop him from making noise... too much noise this time.

Due to weather concerns, runDisney has cancelled the 2017 WDW Half Marathon.


I completely agree with runDisney's decision and I absolutely applaud them for doing so.  Yes, tomorrow morning might end up being pretty calm and a lovely morning to run.  However the storm predictions have continued to worsen from this afternoon and who knows what weather might actually show up.  I've lived in Florida long enough to know weather can go either way and it is best to plan for the worst and enjoy better outcomes if they happen.

The other reason I understand the reason for runDisney's decision is because of the cast and volunteers working the race.  Most of those working are there earlier than the earliest runner and they have to be out in the elements, most without immediate access to shelter, long before the runners get there.  It's not just the runners who runDisney has to think about, there are a lot of different elements going into making this decision.

Right now runDisney is offering refunds, park hopper tickets, deferrals to any other runDisney half marathon, or a limited amount of marathon entries for Sunday.  More details are supposed to come out at 10pm, but right now I'm planning on deferring to Wine and Dine since I was already landing to run that anyway.... I'll just have to figure out who to add the challenge to it...

2017 Disney World Marathon Weekend Expo

Well the weekend is finally here and my (hopefully) first marathon for 2017 is just about 12 hours away.  I managed to make it to the expo yesterday with my roommate in tow.  I was impressed with how big it is, but also how it is getting more and more organized.  I'm curious to see if Disneyland has also gotten better since WDW has the room to move things around and DLand is a bit more restricts.

Regardless, the expo was a lot of fun.  I didn't spend too long there, mainly wanted to avoid temptation.  If I stare at raw threads too long then I end up buying far too much.  It also helped that a lot of people went the first day so it wasn't insanely crowded.  It was crowded, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting.  Picking up my race bib, surprise gift (a little luggage tag), and then my shirt went rather quickly and painlessly.  I was able to avoid buying anything from the runDisney store, but I did pick up two new shirts from Raw Threads.

I think the best part of the expo is the emotions and the excitement that is in the air.  Having that many runners in one area with the same feelings is addictive and regardless of how you feel, it makes you at least a little bit excited.  I can honestly say that going to the expos is one of my favorite parts of running these races.

Now I did see the traffic going into the expo the first day, when Dopey and 5k runners had to check in and it was insane.  That's going to be hectic next year, but I'm still excited!  One year... one year and I'll be there in that chaos getting everything for my Dopey Challenge.