Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Donald's Causing Trouble Again...

The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is celebrating it's 20th anniversary in 2013.  We've already seen the updated race course, which you can get a refresher here.  They had the new medal design ready for its big reveal, but it's been stolen.  Here's the news release from runDisney's facebook page:

So as you can see, Donald's yet again causing quite a bit of trouble.  Of course runDisney has asked it's facebook fans to help find donald in all the different places he's trying to run off to.  Here's a picture from one of my favorite place's he's been spotted at so far:

If you want to see the medal soon, check out runDisney's facebook page and follow the instructions on how you can help them catch Donald and get the plans back.

Of course next year they should probably tell Donald that they've designed his medal before he gets into more trouble.  Or maybe Goofy will play with the medal plans next year?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Tower of Terror Reminder- 2 Months To Go

This evening I was pleasantly surprised to find an email from runDisney about the Tower of Terror 10 Mile.

In all honesty, it was mostly an ad for the hotel, after race party, and a few other things, which I pretty much ignored.  It did have the link to the galloway plans, but my training is going decently well (except for the heat) for this race so I'm not too worried about the Galloway plans.  There was also a little tid bit about the Food and Wine festival.  I totally forgot that the festival was starting just about the same time as the race (my parents would be disappointed considering F&W is one of the events we look forward to and plan for).

The email did have one semi-important reminder... the race itself is 2 months out.  That means I have 2 months to finish getting in a good zone and feeling good.  I've already asked for my days off to be altered around the race (ok, I'm working the day of, just not the day after).

If I had to, I could totally run the race now.  I might not feel my best, but I could do it.  Actually, considering I've been running some of my fastest runs as of late, it wouldn't be that bad of an idea...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Running

It seems that while I have started to acclimate to the heat I work in daily, I'm still not used to running in the heat.  It's just zapping any energy I have and making my runs harder than they really need to be.  Within the first mile I'm dripping with sweat and if I don't have my water bottle with me, then I'm probably not getting more than 3-4 miles done.

Running in Florida is just so different compared to running in California.  In California, it was cooler in the mornings so I was able to get my run in and relax before the heat of the day really set in.  In Florida, it's just hot 24/7 during the summer.  Last year I ran on a treadmill during the hotter months, which I hated probably just as much as running in the heat. This year, I don't have that option.

I'm feeling confident with my training for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler and I'm pretty sure I've got the Wine and Dine Half Marathon training and execution figured out for November... by then my training should be getting some relief from the heat (or so I hope... watch, it'll be the hottest winter ever).  And of course in January is the Walt Disney World Marathon.  Today I am 25 weeks out from running that Marathon and while that means I still have plenty of time to train, I'm still nervous about it really.... with the heat and everything, do I really have enough time???

I've been debating whether or not I should just work on my endurance and get a few long runs in here and there while the heat is still pretty bad, or if I should keep trying to push my long runs.  My decision will probably change weekly, or by run.  I just tend to run in the moment.  I won't let myself do long runs during my work week considering I have work those days, but other than that, who knows how far I'll run.

I should be back to building up my long run again this week, up to 7 miles again to be exact.  Will I actually hit it?  Who knows.  I just have to get myself out of bed and onto the road first...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Review: The Runner's Rule Book

Part of the Runner's World Challenge is that you can pick 1 of 3 books about running.  The first one was like an encyclopedia about running, the second one about a man's triumphant return to running after being seriously wounded and told he would not be able to run again, and then there was the Runner's Rule Book: Everything A Runner Needs To Know- And Then Some.

Since I am not yet able to sign up for the challenge, I started investigating the books a little more and ended up buying the Runner's Rule Book for my kindle.  It was one of the best decisions I've made in the last week or so.  I do plan on getting the second book as well, but I have a few "fun" books I need to finish first.

Now, The Runner's Rule Book starts off with the most obvious of all rules when it comes to athletics... Have Fun.  But there are just some great abstract and hilarious rules that follow.   Mark Remy's sense of humor is pretty much thinly veiled sarcasm.  While he does have some serious rules and in put, he's also poking fun at generic rules, rumors, or overly serious runner rules.  

Here are a few of my favorites:

Rule 1.25- Love Your Tan Lines

Rue 1.34- Read The Sports section Backward

Rule 1.40- Good Runners Make Good Drivers

Rule 1.52- Run Like A Dog

Rule 2.29- Pretend You're British

Rule 2.32- Do Whatever It Takes To Finish Ahead Of A Costumed Runner
               Because being outkicked by Elmo is too much to bear.

There are the joking rules mixed in with the serious and there are even a few guidelines for packing and things like that.  So if you every find some time to yourself when you're not working, cleaning, or of course running; I would suggest picking up a copy.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Can Run Faster

This week I ran over 13 miles, which actually felt pretty good.  I ran 4 days, with 3 shorter days and then one longer day.  Today was one of those short days where I only ran 2 miles, but it ended up being a speed workout, which in all honesty was a complete fluke.  I was planning to focus on endurance since that's been hurting the last few runs, but the heat drained me pretty quickly and I was surprised about a half mile in to find I was running at a pretty decent speed.

Now I've been in a comfort zone for my running at around a 9:15 pace (during the running part and then sub-16 min when walking during my longer runs/lazy days).  I've been running this pace most of the year with a few quicker intervals thrown in here and there.  Well today, I ran my 2 miles completely sub-9 min miles.  I was pretty excited since this is the fastest I've run yet.

It's amazing how you can get into grooves without thinking about and then magically one day you realize, "oh!  I can run faster" or "I can work out harder!"  It was a nice wake up call; and I do mean nice.  It was inspiring and motivational to see that I could run at these speeds when I previously thought I had a nice pace and wasn't really going to worry about making them any faster.  While I might not be running the half marathon or full marathon with 8-something minute miles, it could happen a bit farther down the road if I can help it.

Another reason it was a nice surprise is because I've had a tough time with non-athletes and non-runners this week understanding the level of commitment I do put into my runs.  While I may not be in the same competitive zone that I was with swimming, I still put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into my runs.  Quite a few of the friends I've made in the last year don't understand why I got to bed early the night before a long run or why I don't have so many drinks at a restaurant.  Luckily I do have those who do understand (my friends from work were surprisingly understandable last night when I bailed from a party early), and I do see the rewards of my efforts.  Plus, I know those who really support me and my commitments and those people are in a whole other level of friendship to me (and family of course).

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Can't Retire My Glass Running Shoes Yet

I can't retire my glass running shoes quite yet it seems.  My internal debate on whether or not I should sign up for the half marathon lasted barely a day.  I signed up for the 2013 Princess Half Marathon this evening.

Like I said before, I really do like the Princess Half Marathon and I'm looking excited to see what a difference 2 years can make.  Considering last year wasn't for time (more support for my friend), it'll be nice to hopefully see some improvement.

Every year I have chosen a new princess.  I started with Tiana in 2011, then claimed Ariel in 2012.  Next year, I'll be running with Merida as my favorite princess.  No, I have yet to see Brave (I really need to), but I tend to be my own hero and Merida and I do share the red hair (ok her's is redder, but mine is straighter...).

I'm definitely looking forward to the race and to see how they have characters laid out.  I always like finding the small changes... and who knows, maybe they'll make some big change considering it is the 5th anniversary.  The only thing that I'm somewhat worried about is that I'll be running this race about 2 months after the marathon.  Hopefully my legs will have healed and be ready for the half.

In other news- I was going to sign up for the Runner's World Challenge, but they are not letting people register if their race is in 2013.  They better open up within the next month or two considering the 16 week deadline for the Disney World Marathon is approaching quickly.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So Many Decisions

You know, from an outside point of view, running seams to be a very inexpensive sport.  Sure you have some expensive shoes, but if all you're doing is going out and jogging a few times a week or so, there really isn't much you need.  Maybe some better head phones or a case for an iphone, ipod, or whatever you use. But then you decide to get serious...

So my journey didn't exactly start out that way, but it definitely has been getting more and more expensive.  For those of you who have attended runDisney races or probably any other race for that matter, you know the entry fees are pretty steep.  I like to think about all the things the money is going to (charitable foundations, goody bag items, race course help, etc...), but it's still quite daunting.  Then there's all the books, magazines, gels, water bottles, belts, tech shirts, etc... that you can get to increase your training.  So now I have two of those expensive decisions to make in the next few weeks, if not the next few days.

First, the Walt Disney World Marathon has partnered with Runner's World Challenge for a VIP package.  The package itself is waaaaay too expensive for me and I know I won't be getting it.  It's mostly made for people coming in for the race anyway and I'm local so I don't need everything in the package.  However, I started looking at the general Runner's World Challenge and it looks like a pretty good training package.  You can check it out at the challenge's website here.

Second, the Princess Half Marathon opened for registration yesterday.  I've done the race 2 years in a row now and this will be it's 5th anniversary.  It's going to be about a month and a half after the full marathon and it seems like that should be enough time to recover/train for Princess.  Princess has a lot of meaning for me considering it was my first half marathon in Florida, it was the first half marathon for my good friend, and it was the marathon I paired with the Disneyland Half to get my coast to coast.  So... maybe for sentimental value?  I don't know.  I really do enjoy the Princess Half Marathon which makes this decision harder and harder.

I can always try and work some extra overtime in the coming months...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Back To The Heat

Arriving in Florida, I was greeted by the heat and humidity that's lacking in California.  Apparently it had been getting hotter and more humid the week I was gone, and considering we're only in the middle of the summer, it's not looking like it will get any better.

I was planning a 5 mile run yesterday, but a time limitation stopped me from getting that far and then the heat made me pull back to 3 miles, but the run still felt pretty good.  I was definitely sweating a lot more from the heat, but it was my fault because while I had set my alarm for an early run, it took me quite a bit to actually get moving, a lesson I won't be forgetting anytime soon.

The only sad part about the heat is that I'm not able to wear my new long sleeved running shirt.  Luckily, I did get a few other goodies when I was home and near a running store I had gone to for a while.  I got fitted for new shoes (I'm not in high arch support and stability shoes).  It was interesting getting fitted again because they went over pressure points, how my feet landed while I ran, and even what my Achilles tendon looks like (it visibly bends as each foot lands).  So now on at least one run a week I'll be running in the new shoes to get them broken in before my current shoes die.  It's always fun to get new running gear... it's like getting new toys!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Running Down Memory Lane

For this last week, I've returned to California to visit friends and family and to attend a friend's wedding.  While I did have a lot planned, I can tell you I did probably only a fraction of what I wanted to do.  Yet I did get to my workouts.  Not only did I get a few runs in, but I got a circuit in and I walked every morning with my parents and our dog.

It was nice to get in some of my old loops, but I did realize how constricting my old routes were.  Yes, I have a few good 3-4, maybe even 5 mile loops, but after that I'm stretching it out.  I just feel like I'm not running all over town in Florida when I get my long runs in, but in California I feel like if I get in decent mileage I would run all through my town.  Still, I got to run past my old middle school and some of the familiar neighborhoods around where I grew up.  It was definitely interesting seeing what was changing and what wasn't.

Overall, it was a nice vacation because I didn't worry about what I was eating and how much I was working out.  Yes, I was logging most of what I ate, but still I was on vacation so I was giving myself an excuse.  The best news is that I really haven't gained a lot considering how much I was letting slip.  Not stressing about about many calories I've burned/need vs how many I'm eating has been a nice change and something I'm trying to continue to bring into my real life when I get back to Florida.  Less stress = easier balanced life.

I know I'll never be a size 0 and I'm happy with where I am and how I look.  Yes I can definitely point out areas I want to work on, but I'm also about to dive right into a marathon training plan and I'm always working on strength training so who knows what will happen in the future.