Thursday, July 12, 2012

Can't Retire My Glass Running Shoes Yet

I can't retire my glass running shoes quite yet it seems.  My internal debate on whether or not I should sign up for the half marathon lasted barely a day.  I signed up for the 2013 Princess Half Marathon this evening.

Like I said before, I really do like the Princess Half Marathon and I'm looking excited to see what a difference 2 years can make.  Considering last year wasn't for time (more support for my friend), it'll be nice to hopefully see some improvement.

Every year I have chosen a new princess.  I started with Tiana in 2011, then claimed Ariel in 2012.  Next year, I'll be running with Merida as my favorite princess.  No, I have yet to see Brave (I really need to), but I tend to be my own hero and Merida and I do share the red hair (ok her's is redder, but mine is straighter...).

I'm definitely looking forward to the race and to see how they have characters laid out.  I always like finding the small changes... and who knows, maybe they'll make some big change considering it is the 5th anniversary.  The only thing that I'm somewhat worried about is that I'll be running this race about 2 months after the marathon.  Hopefully my legs will have healed and be ready for the half.

In other news- I was going to sign up for the Runner's World Challenge, but they are not letting people register if their race is in 2013.  They better open up within the next month or two considering the 16 week deadline for the Disney World Marathon is approaching quickly.


  1. wow that is so awesome! my sisters and I are running our first Princess Half Marathon this year.. I'm Cinderella, and my other sisters will be Belle, Tiana and Aurora... we'll be rocking the princess world in our "Hard Core Pink" style. Any advice for the newbies?

  2. I would definitely advice getting up to at least 7.5 miles in training, although I would try to get up to 13 miles. You might want to look at some training plans, like the Galloway plan. I've always had some running schedule for all of my races.

    I would also tell you to just have fun. There will be lots of characters for you to take pictures with and I would definitely pick a few (I always get a picture with the pirates and the classic characters). The atmosphere at Princess is great and no matter what, you and your sisters will have a blast!