Sunday, June 26, 2016

New Work Schedule, New Training Schedule

My work schedule varies by the day, with late starts on my Mondays (which in the real world is a Sunday), and my early days are my Fridays (also known as Thursday).  Well with an additional product my late days are getting later, but that has been a blessing in disguise.  I have more time to work on homework and I have more of a chance to workout without worrying about when I have to leave for work.

Before I had to worry about how far I was and what time it was and that's a level of stress I just don't want on my run.  So luckily now I can get away from that and just have my morning to myself and run or workout.  This morning it was a run on a treadmill.  The speed was great, the distance was great, everything was just great!

I did go farther than the picture... I just chose to take the picture at the 5k part... 3.5 miles today, we'll see where I get tomorrow!

Also, remember that time I signed up for the runDisney virtual run series?  Ya, I totally forgot about that until last week.  I have been running 5ks the whole time, but forgot to hashtag or log them as the virtual series run.  I did go into today's run with the mindset that it was for the series so that helped me get through the treadmill workout.  So I guess today was my White Gloves 5k race!

I guess I would want runDisney to send out reminders for the different starts, especially for those signed up for all three.  I think they would probably get better tags online of people completing the runs... Otherwise, I'm excited to get my medals.  Since I signed up for all three races I have to wait for the end of the series (June 30th) before all of my medals will be sent.  Still, can't wait... More medals, more bling!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lucky 7

For the last few weeks I have been plagued by my inability to complete my 7 mile run.  I've hit 6 a few times, run multiple days in a row, but 7 miles has always had something come up that prevents me from finishing.  A hard night the night before, what seemed to be shin splint, life in general... all prevented me from getting to that 7 mile mark.

Yesterday I woke up not feeling well at all.  I stayed in bed for a few minutes to see if my stomach would calm down, but it just didn't want to.  I decided to just go out regardless and I wouldn't care about the 7 miles and just get out for a run.  A run is a run still, regardless of the distance.

I started my run before the sun even started breaking the horizon, even though I realized that was the most humid part of the morning.  However, when that dropped it felt great.  You want to know what else felt great?  Me!  My stomach wasn't the happiest, but didn't get in the way of my running all that much.  You know what that means?  I ran 7 miles!

It's amazing how even when you don't feel well you can do more than you think.  I definitely needed more water, was a bit shaky, but I did 7 miles and that put me on a high.  Plus I got to watch a beautiful sunrise and even saw a few armadillos.

After a relaxing ice bath at home and then relaxing I felt great.  I was able to walk later that night with my roommate and today I have no feelings of soreness in my legs.  That means I did a circuit workout with some pretty decent weights and it all felt great.

Now on to miles 8 and 9 I guess...