Thursday, April 26, 2012

10 Miles... Check!

My weekly goal is to run at least 10 miles a week.  Most weeks, it's hard because I'm running around my work schedule, but I have been getting my 10 miles done each week... well, except one week, but I'm catching back up to that week.

Considering I've had 2 days off this week, I decided to get my 10 miles done as soon as possible.  I had my 7 mile run yesterday and today I finished with 3 more miles!  It was more of a recovery run than anything, but I still got out there, still got my run in.

Who knows, I might get another few miles in before this week is over, but we'll see.  It will just go towards the one week when I wasn't able to run...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Going To Be A Lazy Day...

It definitely didn't start as a lazy day, but the rest of it will be.  It's kind of sad I'm saying that and it's not even 10 AM yet!

I was able to get up and get out for a run just as the sun was coming up.  Florida's been pretty cool the last few days and I was completely ready to take advantage of it.  I got up without a goal in mind, tied my shoes, decided on the general route I wanted to take, and started to run.  I was out there for 1 hour 10 minutes and was able to run just over 7 miles.  My pace is definitely coming back, which I'm excited about, and when I do walk, I'm walking sub 16 minute miles.

I found myself getting into my running the farther I went.  My miles 3.5-6.5 were the best.  I just felt good and walked some, but not too much.  Eventually my calves started to get tighter and tighter.  They didn't stop me from running, but I didn't want to push them too far so I ended at 7 miles.

Here's the funniest thing though, my ankles actually hurt more when I'm walking normally than when I run.  Isn't that crazy? Running actually makes me feel better!

So now that my run is over, it's time for me to relax and enjoy my TWO days off!  Yes, that's right, after working 6-7 days a week for the last month and a half, I finally get two full days off!  I plan on taking advantage of them as well, and by that I mean relaxing and not worrying about anything...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Social Life vs Working Out

I'm still struggling finding good times to run, and this time work is only playing one part in it.  This week it's been my social life that's been getting in the way.  I've been running a bit more in the afternoons after work, but my friends and I also plan things at work and thus, my runs get pushed to the wayside again.

In the past, my social life was what took the hit for my athletics.  Competitive swimmers and a lot of other athletes, really don't get too much of a life outside of the sport.  That's one of the reasons your team tends to be tied into your social life.  Now, it's the opposite.

It's nice to have friends and hang out with them outside of work.  Plus, I've been introduced to a lot of great hang out spots and so we're constantly going out to relax after work or just on our days off.

Still, I know I need to find a time to run and it is constantly in the back of my mind.  I'm always trying to mentally work out when I'm working, when I can run, and when I'm spending time with someone.  Life is tricky... and whenever I think I have it figured out, it throws me a curve ball.

Luckily, I can always count on my days off from work.  Like today!  Tonight I'm seeing a movie with a group from work, but I was able to get a 5.25 mile run in this morning before most people I knew where even headed to work.

I know balancing work, working out, and a social life is doable... it just get complicated at times.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting My Pace Back

After that long break I took, I wasn't at the speed, strength, or just overall fitness level I had been just weeks ago.  It was disheartening to be pushing so hard and not get the same results, but that's why I'm an athlete I push myself through the hard times to get to the good times (no matter how much complaining I'm doing).

This last week has definitely been a challenge trying to get back into shape, but I am getting there.  Already, I'm seeing progress and it's only been 3 runs and a few circuits since I was working more and exercising less.  I'm happy to say my pace is coming down again, the distance is going up, and overall I'm feeling better.  Yes, I'm still walking some, but especially on my last run, I think that's due more to outside factors (I ran like 30 min after I ate... not a good idea for someone who doesn't normally eat before working out).

I know I'm still running uphill to get to my old pace, but that's fine.  I have time to do it and because I am making improvements, I'm excited again to run.  Got the 10 miles I needed to run last week and now I'm playing catch up for the week before, but while that might take some time, eventually I'll catch up to my 10 miles a week average.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Races!

I have been meaning to sign up for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon for a while now.  I just haven't since there were still some major questions pertaining to my future.  Well, yesterday I got some great news, my future became a bit more secure, and now I've signed up for the Dine and Wine Half Marathon.

I'm super excited for this race because it provides a few new experiences.  The course is different, which is nice because I've been repeating the same course for Princess and Disneyland for two years now (Not saying those courses are bad, quite the opposite actually).  It's a night race.  I know, after all my complaining about running at night, I'm now running a race at night.  Who knows, this could permanently change my opinion of training in the evening.  Third, there's the after party which sounds like a ton of fun, but I should probably make sure I'm not working the next day.  Finally, it's just a new race for me!  That's always exciting!

Well, signing up for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon isn't my only exciting news...

I've also signed up for the 20th anniversary of the Disney World Full Marathon.  Yes, you read correctly, a full marathon.

Now, those who grew up with me and know me pretty well are probably surprised I'm doing a full marathon.  Heck, when I was a swimmer, I swore I would never run.  Then I started doing triathlons and eventually half marathons.  Still, even after my first half marathon I told my parents that I would never do a full marathon.  Well.... SURPRISE!

So, I have a few months to train for the full and I'm sure I can do it.  I have great supporters surrounding me and it will be a huge success when I'm able to finish.  So I guess there's something new to follow me on my blog for... to see if I survive the full marathon!

And you never know... if I survive the full marathon... maybe the Goofy Challenge will be in my future???

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Tried

These last two weeks have been a nightmare when it comes to my energy levels and workouts.  Well, that's not right, my workouts have been non-existent.  They were unfortunately put on hold during my 14 day work week (tomorrow is day 14 out of 14).  The middle seven days added up to 60 hours and this week is looking at about 53 hours.

However, I did get out and got a run in yesterday.  It was only about 2.5 miles or so, but it was something.  Let me tell you, I felt like complete and utter crap.  I was so tired, it has been warming up, and things just weren't adding up.  I don't know why, but I ended up having a very slight nose bleed at the end of it.  It was just not a very good run period.

But hey, I still got out there, I still ran. I was proud of myself that I kept my word to myself and was able to run.  That does make it a somewhat good run, right?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Work vs Working Out

In the never ending battle between work schedules and working out commitments, it seems as though the work schedules always come out on top and working out gets pushed to the next day, and the next day, and the next day.

Part of the reason I have been having working out is because my job is just so active in itself.  Yesterday I had two tours so I was walking most of the day.  The day before I was standing at our greeter podium talking to guests that walked up.  That was actually more like 4-5 hours of just standing in one area and that in itself is hard.  Between those two days, I have decided that standing for hours on end is worse than walking.  For one, standing doesn't makes time go by so slowly... and my muscles just freeze up eventually.  I need to keep moving!

I really wish that I had the time and energy to workout, but I do not regret the missed workouts.  I know that if I had kept up my vigorous workouts, then I wouldn't have had the energy to survive the week.  Unfortunately, it's just that time when I have to sacrifice my workouts in order to keep going.  Luckily, the busy season should be ending soon and I'll be able to get back into my workout routine.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Running Safety

I saw something the other day that kind of surprised me.  A runner ran right into a cross walk even though the runner didn't have the walk sign and a car turning had a green.

Normally I would all be the person advocating a runner or cyclists rights on the road, but this runner just appeared to have an attitude.  The car was turning as was their right, and the runner just runs out into the cross walk and puts her hand up to stop of the driver.  Now, of course I was just watching this so I don't know either side or anything, but the runner seemed to have some attitude when she put her hand up.  It was almost as though it was her right to run across the street and the cars had to stop from her.

I was just so surprised because I've always been a defensive runner and cyclists.  I go in with the mind set that any of the cars passing by could easily jerk, swerve, or just turn into me.  Before any cross walk, I always pause and look around me to make sure there are no cars turning into or out of that area.  I make sure I have eye contact with the driver and if I don't, then I don't cross the sidewalk (which has happened numerous times).

Runner safety is super important and with so many driver distractions, I just don't trust drivers in general.  So a word to all of you out there running along those streets... be safe.