Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Social Life vs Working Out

I'm still struggling finding good times to run, and this time work is only playing one part in it.  This week it's been my social life that's been getting in the way.  I've been running a bit more in the afternoons after work, but my friends and I also plan things at work and thus, my runs get pushed to the wayside again.

In the past, my social life was what took the hit for my athletics.  Competitive swimmers and a lot of other athletes, really don't get too much of a life outside of the sport.  That's one of the reasons your team tends to be tied into your social life.  Now, it's the opposite.

It's nice to have friends and hang out with them outside of work.  Plus, I've been introduced to a lot of great hang out spots and so we're constantly going out to relax after work or just on our days off.

Still, I know I need to find a time to run and it is constantly in the back of my mind.  I'm always trying to mentally work out when I'm working, when I can run, and when I'm spending time with someone.  Life is tricky... and whenever I think I have it figured out, it throws me a curve ball.

Luckily, I can always count on my days off from work.  Like today!  Tonight I'm seeing a movie with a group from work, but I was able to get a 5.25 mile run in this morning before most people I knew where even headed to work.

I know balancing work, working out, and a social life is doable... it just get complicated at times.

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