Sunday, April 1, 2012

Running Safety

I saw something the other day that kind of surprised me.  A runner ran right into a cross walk even though the runner didn't have the walk sign and a car turning had a green.

Normally I would all be the person advocating a runner or cyclists rights on the road, but this runner just appeared to have an attitude.  The car was turning as was their right, and the runner just runs out into the cross walk and puts her hand up to stop of the driver.  Now, of course I was just watching this so I don't know either side or anything, but the runner seemed to have some attitude when she put her hand up.  It was almost as though it was her right to run across the street and the cars had to stop from her.

I was just so surprised because I've always been a defensive runner and cyclists.  I go in with the mind set that any of the cars passing by could easily jerk, swerve, or just turn into me.  Before any cross walk, I always pause and look around me to make sure there are no cars turning into or out of that area.  I make sure I have eye contact with the driver and if I don't, then I don't cross the sidewalk (which has happened numerous times).

Runner safety is super important and with so many driver distractions, I just don't trust drivers in general.  So a word to all of you out there running along those streets... be safe.

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