Friday, March 30, 2012

Surprising Myself

I have always been an advocate of running in the mornings.  I've never really liked running or even working out in the evenings just because I'm so tired from the rest of my day that I usually just pass out.

Today, I don't know... it was just different.  I got home and got my running clothes together before taking off on a run.  I set my Nike+ App to 2.5 miles because I knew that was the least that I needed to do for this run.  Well, I ended up getting 3.1 in.

I surprised myself on two fronts today.  The first being that I actually ran this afternoon and that I ran farther than expected.  I am definitely proud of myself.  Personally, this has been a great week.  My weight has been dropping pretty steadily and I've just felt good.

Considering today was the day 2 out of 13 days straight of work... I might not be singing the same tune next week.  We'll see though.  Maybe I'll continue to surprise myself.

The only surprise I wasn't happy with was the battalion of fire ants that showed up in my house this evening.  I have won the war... or at least the battle thus far.

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