Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Best Way To Cool Down...

I was able to get back out on the road today.  I wish I could say it felt amazing, but in all honesty it really didn't.  My stomach was heavy from dinner the night before still, although running made it feel a lot better. I could tell I needed to drink more water and it was just plain hot.

Now, I knew coming to Florida in the summer meant I would be living in hot, humid temperatures and learning to run in them.  Just because I accepted that fact doesn't mean I like it or that I'm adjusting all that quickly.  My outdoor runs are better than the first one I had way back in June when I was staying at Saratoga Springs... still not enjoying the humidity or heat.

Considering I was forcing this run and just not feeling great, I originally told myself I only had to go 2 miles... just a quick out and back pretty much.  Ya, well I lied to my body and actually went 4.17 miles.  So I was at least a mile off from where I wanted to go, but over 2 miles more than I originally thought I would go this morning.

As I was walking back, a great idea struck me.  The best way to cool off... jump in the pool!  I mean, I sweated enough I already felt like I had been in a pool, but a nice cool refreshing dip was calling my name and I was more than happy to respond.  So I got home, changed into a suit, and made my way over to the pool... I don't think I've been happier to step into a pool...

So I've decided that the runs I do on my day off are going to end in the pool as a way to relax.  Might get some stretching in while I'm there or possibly some water jogging, which I've done in the past, so who knows.  It definitely made the end of my run a lot nicer and cooler.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Checking In

So I did take a few days off... Partially because I had some early mornings at work where I was also SCUBA diving, but then also because they were repainting the gym I've been using.  So I took a grand total of 3 days off before running again.

I got in a small 2 mile run in yesterday, a Jillian Michael's DVD today, and hopefully a long run outside tomorrow morning.  I'm still 1 run ahead of my Nike+ goal so I'm excited about that.

I am still a bit worried about how far I'm running considering the race is in just over 6 weeks and I've still only run 6.75 miles as my longest.  Yet even with the hesitation, I'm still excited for the race.  I've started making plans for after the run to see friends and family.

I'm hoping for a 5+ mile run tomorrow morning so we'll see how that one goes...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

On The Road Again

I've mentioned before that I've been a bit nervous about running in Orlando.  Florida isn't exactly known for being the safest place for pedestrians (except maybe inside the parks... even then you contend with strollers, crazy kids, and electric scooters so you never know).  Still, I decided to suck it up and explore the area around where I'm living.

I had a brief idea of where I could run from seeing people on various streets when driving and by talking to a friend who runs in the afternoons.  So, this morning I laced up my running shoes, headed out to the front of my apartment complex, and started running.

I was not expecting to feel as good as I did on my run.  I felt stronger and faster than I did before using the treadmill.  I think my form was even better, but I couldn't say for sure.  I managed to keep my pace around a 9 min 40 sec pace for the first 2 miles, but ended the 4.23 mile run with a 10 min 14 sec pace.  That's still a pretty good pace for me so I'm excited.

I honestly felt better than I thought I would have since I've been training inside for so long.  I'm somewhat relieved that the Disneyland Half won't hurt as bad as it possibly could, but I still know it's going to hurt.  I'm a bit more excited about it now.  That and the fact it's become a reason for me to go home to Cali for a few days...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Running Faster

Today was yet another day on the treadmill.  I know I really need to get back on the road soon, but I am nervous since there are no sidewalks and in all honesty, I don't really trust the drivers around Orlando.  There's one route I'm thinking about running and I might do it pretty early in the morning when there aren't too many cars out.  But for now... I'm still on the treadmill.

While running on the treadmill is a test in mental endurance, there are some positives to the treadmill.  I ran 4 miles today with an average pace of 9 minutes 38 seconds.  Considering when I ran on the road I was running a pace just less than 10 minutes 30 seconds, this is pretty significant for me.  Yes I know I probably won't run this pace exactly when I run back out on the road and I definitely won't run that fast for all 13 miles, but it's still quite an accomplishment.

Who knows... at some point I might get back down to running about 9'15?  Or maybe less?  I think that's still a ways off, but it could be a nice goal for after the Disneyland Half Marathon...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Princess 2012... Here WE Come!

It's official.  In February of next year, I will once more be running the Princess Half Marathon.

However, this time I will be running it with my good friend Carrie.  It will be Carrie's first Half Marathon and my fourth.  You think I've gotten bit by the running bug?

So now, even after I complete my Coast to Coast challenge in a few weeks for this year, I still have something to focus on.  Training is just so much easier when you have something to focus on.  

For now I still have the Disneyland Half Marathon to focus on... especially since it's still less than 6 weeks away!

Monday, July 18, 2011

100 Miles

So not only have I run twice this week in a row, but I also hit the 100 mile mark with Nike+.

Ok, I actually hit the 100 mile mark yesterday, so after today's run I'm over that 100 mile mark.  Plus there are those walks and extra miles that weren't logged in my Nike+ account.  It still evokes a sense of pride when those numbers roll over into triply digits.  It's probably like watching your car's mileage roll over into those magical miles (or electronically turn these days).

Just because I hit 100 miles doesn't mean it's time for me to stop.  I have less than 6 weeks till the Disneyland Half and still, my training really isn't where I want it to be.  It's more of the distance aspect because I've been running faster and I'm in better shape thanks to running, walking a lot for work, and then doing all of the Jillian Michaels' circuits.

Speaking of Jillian Michaels... I moved up to Week 2 (out of 4) on the 30 day shred and I think today is going to be a rest day.  She definitely turns the work out up a notch and I'm already starting to get sore.

Still... it feels good to get a run in and circuit... It makes me want to get things done!  Which is exactly what I'm going to do today... or at least until my energy runs out and I decide to watch a movie...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


That's right, I hit my goal!  Barely, but I did it!

Originally, I was sure I could do 10 runs in 4 weeks.  It shouldn't have been too hard since I was already 2+ times a week.  However, there was one thing I wasn't thinking about when I decided to accept the challenge... I was moving to Florida in those 4 weeks, actually just at the beginning.  Not only was I moving, but I was starting a job and had no clue what my schedule was like.

Luckily, I was ahead of the challenge before I left California, which gave me some leeway when I moved.  It helped, but I was down to the day.  Still, I did it!

Now, I'm not one to say "Great I did it!  I'm done..." Nope, I've already set a new goal...

My new goal:
Run 15 times in 5 weeks... so 3 runs a week... I can do this :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Letters to runDisney

I'm on the disboards and roomthreeseventeen started a threat about writing letters to runDisney (you can find it here). It was an interesting thought and made me think what I would write to them.  My response ended up being short and sweet.

Dear runDisney,

Thanks for giving me a goal and inspiring me to actually run a half marathon. Life's never been the same, but I'm definitely not complaining. Whether or not I'll do the full at some point is in the air, but you never know what can happen when you add a bit of Disney Magic and pixie dust...


So what would you say to runDisney if you were able to write them a letter?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bad Day? Or Out of Shape?

I wanted to run yesterday, but I took the day off.  I guess I'd say its because I'm still getting used to working all the time and running around the aquarium.  However, I did dive yesterday so I guess that could be considered working out?  I did do abs the day before though.

I did get over to the gym and ran for about 40 minutes this morning.  It was about 3.5 miles and I did add in walking intervals towards the end.  I just wasn't feeling so good towards the end.  I don't know if it was the heat and humidity, dehydration (although I've been drinking more here than I did before I moved), fatigue from working and playing in the parks, or something else.

The biggest reason I hate having bad days is because I start doubting whether or not I can do this or I know how bad it's going to hurt when I do it.  It's those kind of thoughts that I know can tear me down and they usually do keep me from doing the full distance I want to do.

Now, just because I've had a bad day doesn't mean I'm throwing away my registration and quitting the race.  I'm definitely not one of those people.  I'll push through whatever pain attacks during the race.  I also know for every bad workout there's an average workout and a completely awesome workout.  I'm just waiting for those to happen.

I also believe that part of the problem is that I am working and I am trying to workout around my work schedule.  I'm a morning person and I love running by myself with as few people around as possible.  Unfortunately, that makes it hard for me to workout in the afternoon because the gym in my complex is usually full or pretty busy and I just feel like collapsing after work, especially after diving.  I know I have to get over crashing after work, but I have a feeling that could take some time...

Luckily, running isn't my only source of working out.  Tomorrow will be another 30 Day Shred and possibly a yoga workout (although I doubt I'll do the yoga).  I'll also be doing it after work because tomorrow is an early day at work (it's also a long day so we'll see if I have the energy).

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Checking In

While I may not have been updating, I have been working out and I can assure you I am sore.  I ran again on the treadmill 2 days ago and will be returning to the treadmill tomorrow.  I have also done another abs workout, part of a Yoga workout, and then the 30 Day Shred. 

I have to say... 30 Day Shred hurts!  But of course in a good way.  Jillian Michael's switches from working on toning using weights, to cardio, to abs and you do the pattern three times, although she changes up the exercises every time.  It keeps you working and I was sweating within like five minutes or so.  Again, it's really good, but really hard... and this was only week 1.  There are 4 weeks to the program so we shall see how those end up being.

Along with doing the normal circuit routine and running, I've also been walking around all of the Disney World parks for the last few days.  I've spent my days at the Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  In summary, I've been doing a lot of walking and a lot of sweating because while it's not super hot or humid, it is still hot and humid in general and I am still a Californian at heart and not used to it.  Hopefully I'll acclimate to the humidity before August when it gets really really hot.  After the weekend's over I'll probably look at the different aspects of each park and find a workout to do if you're visiting...

Tomorrow will be a run, and possibly some yoga.  It all depends on when I wake up.  Then after?  Off to celebrate the 4th of July in the parks!