Saturday, July 23, 2011

On The Road Again

I've mentioned before that I've been a bit nervous about running in Orlando.  Florida isn't exactly known for being the safest place for pedestrians (except maybe inside the parks... even then you contend with strollers, crazy kids, and electric scooters so you never know).  Still, I decided to suck it up and explore the area around where I'm living.

I had a brief idea of where I could run from seeing people on various streets when driving and by talking to a friend who runs in the afternoons.  So, this morning I laced up my running shoes, headed out to the front of my apartment complex, and started running.

I was not expecting to feel as good as I did on my run.  I felt stronger and faster than I did before using the treadmill.  I think my form was even better, but I couldn't say for sure.  I managed to keep my pace around a 9 min 40 sec pace for the first 2 miles, but ended the 4.23 mile run with a 10 min 14 sec pace.  That's still a pretty good pace for me so I'm excited.

I honestly felt better than I thought I would have since I've been training inside for so long.  I'm somewhat relieved that the Disneyland Half won't hurt as bad as it possibly could, but I still know it's going to hurt.  I'm a bit more excited about it now.  That and the fact it's become a reason for me to go home to Cali for a few days...


  1. Not sure what part of Orlando you're in, but there are several trails - Cady Way, West Orange Trail, etc. And many of the lakes, at least on the east side of town, have wide paths around them that are perfect for running and/or riding.

  2. I'm up by Disney World on I-Drive.

    Thanks for the info though! I might be able to get out at some point and explore some new trails :)