Friday, July 29, 2011

Checking In

So I did take a few days off... Partially because I had some early mornings at work where I was also SCUBA diving, but then also because they were repainting the gym I've been using.  So I took a grand total of 3 days off before running again.

I got in a small 2 mile run in yesterday, a Jillian Michael's DVD today, and hopefully a long run outside tomorrow morning.  I'm still 1 run ahead of my Nike+ goal so I'm excited about that.

I am still a bit worried about how far I'm running considering the race is in just over 6 weeks and I've still only run 6.75 miles as my longest.  Yet even with the hesitation, I'm still excited for the race.  I've started making plans for after the run to see friends and family.

I'm hoping for a 5+ mile run tomorrow morning so we'll see how that one goes...

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