Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Best Way To Cool Down...

I was able to get back out on the road today.  I wish I could say it felt amazing, but in all honesty it really didn't.  My stomach was heavy from dinner the night before still, although running made it feel a lot better. I could tell I needed to drink more water and it was just plain hot.

Now, I knew coming to Florida in the summer meant I would be living in hot, humid temperatures and learning to run in them.  Just because I accepted that fact doesn't mean I like it or that I'm adjusting all that quickly.  My outdoor runs are better than the first one I had way back in June when I was staying at Saratoga Springs... still not enjoying the humidity or heat.

Considering I was forcing this run and just not feeling great, I originally told myself I only had to go 2 miles... just a quick out and back pretty much.  Ya, well I lied to my body and actually went 4.17 miles.  So I was at least a mile off from where I wanted to go, but over 2 miles more than I originally thought I would go this morning.

As I was walking back, a great idea struck me.  The best way to cool off... jump in the pool!  I mean, I sweated enough I already felt like I had been in a pool, but a nice cool refreshing dip was calling my name and I was more than happy to respond.  So I got home, changed into a suit, and made my way over to the pool... I don't think I've been happier to step into a pool...

So I've decided that the runs I do on my day off are going to end in the pool as a way to relax.  Might get some stretching in while I'm there or possibly some water jogging, which I've done in the past, so who knows.  It definitely made the end of my run a lot nicer and cooler.

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