Friday, August 5, 2011

5 Things I Like About Myself

This topic was started as a tag challenge, which I have accepted since I'm writing about it.  I got tagged by Patty at A Thousand Reasons to Run who was inspired to write her article by being tagged earlier.  So I figured I would step up to the challenge and go ahead and write the 5 things I like about myself...
  1. I'm A Hard Worker- No matter what I'm doing, I work hard at it.  Whether it's the newsletter I write at work, my running at home, or really anything else I decide I put my mind to... I make sure I work hard to do it correctly and as efficiently as I can.
  2. I'm Loyal- As most of my good friends know, I'll be fiercely loyal and will stand by my friends.  Now, I'm not worried to speak my mind if I don't agree with something they say, but if they need me, they know I'm there.
  3. I'm Creative- To me, life would be no fun without creativity.  Now I'm not an artist by means of drawing or building, but give me a pen and some paper and I can write almost anything.  I love thinking outside the box for everything.  Like I said... it makes life fun.
  4. I'm Adventurous- I'm willing to try everything at least once... and maybe more often.  I recently realized that bell peppers aren't as bad as I thought.  They still aren't my favorite and I won't go looking specifically for some peppers as a snack, but I'm not avoiding them anymore.  I'm also willing to try various activities, like sky diving (possibly in the near future), zip lining, or crossing rickety old bridges even though I have a fear of heights.
  5. I Know How To Have Fun- I always like to be smiling, or laughing.  Now, having fun doesn't mean going out a lot, going to theme parks everyday, or spending a lot of money.  Sometimes just hanging out with friends or having dinner together can be all that's needed.  So whether it's a quiet night in or park hopping at Disney on a day off... I'm always up to have a good time.  Luckily, I'm also able to have a good time at work, which makes life and work so much easier.
So there you go, my 5 things. Now I don't have too many followers, and I know some people follow through emails who don't have blogs.  So I hereby challenge everyone who reads this to think of the 5 things that they like about themselves...

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