Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Week In Review

So this week I actually spent 3 days not running, but did do a circuit 1 of those days, and was SCUBA diving for work on another.  Still, I didn't like having so many days off in a row.  It would have been 2 days like all the other work weeks, but unfortunately they were painting the gym here and so the gym was closed and I didn't have time to run outside before work.

Still, I've gotten a few runs in this week and combined with that circuit workout I have been sore!  I jumped up to week 3 of Jillian Michael's after only doing week 2 two or three times.  I figured week 2 wasn't making me too sore and I could handle week 3.  Plus, there was the fact I was just curious as to what was coming next.  Well... I was dying by the end of the workout.  No joke was it a killer!  I'll definitely be sticking with week 3 for a bit before I move on to week 4!

Today I'm taking a day off to let my muscles and me just relax.  My resolve might falter soon and I might attack another session of week 3 Jillian Michael's or any of her other videos I have.  I haven't quite decided yet... it's still somewhat early here so my day off might get a quick workout at some point...

Tomorrow I'll have another run followed by 2 early days at work, and then some more running.  Just 4 weeks from tomorrow I'll be racing in the Disneyland Half... It's crazy how fast it's gotten here, but I'm excited to get back to Cali, run the race, and see everyone again!

On a side note, I've started to try coconut water on a recommendation from one of the guys at work whose whole family seems to be runners (his son-in-law has raced on every continent except Antartica... how cool is that???).  I'm trying it for a bit before I make any concrete opinions about it though.  Possibly another product review in the future?

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