Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Pro's to Running In The Morning

Running in the morning does involve a few hurdles to get over.  To begin with... you have to wake up... probably pretty early.  If you're actually able to drag yourself out of bed, you then have to face whatever the weather is.  Sometimes it's a foggy or raining morning, other times it can be a hot morning as the heat index has decided to climb out of control.  The final hurdle, at least for me, is figuring out how far I can run.

I take full advantage of the days when I have no work and usually have my so called longer runs on those days.  Of course right now that isn't too long, but I am still planning on changing that.  On days I do have work I can only run maybe 4 miles without waking up any earlier than I really want to.  The dilemmas of morning running...

Still, I would rather face all these issues with waking up early than have to run in the afternoon.  Now I have friends who run in the evening and get to go farther than me because they have no time restraints due to work.  Still, they have to wait till the evening till the temperatures get cooler before they can go out.

My other issue is... I almost never want to workout after work.  I want to crash on the couch or take a nap.  Working out is the last thing on my mind.  If I do have that itch, I'll be more than happy to workout in the afternoon.

Now I would understand how running and working out would be a great idea to wind down from a hard day at work, but I'd just rather have a quiet decompression period.  Even today, which wasn't the easiest day, I decided to take a nap to help get rid of a headache than workout to unwind.

Tomorrow's my day off so we'll see how far I get.  While I don't have work, I do have an unofficial meeting so I still might not get too long.  I'm hoping for at least 5 miles, but we'll see when the time comes.

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  1. I do SO much better in the morning....its a great time to be out, and I am NOT a morning person...its so hard to get out of bed. If I wait til later in the day, never happens.