Friday, April 6, 2012

Work vs Working Out

In the never ending battle between work schedules and working out commitments, it seems as though the work schedules always come out on top and working out gets pushed to the next day, and the next day, and the next day.

Part of the reason I have been having working out is because my job is just so active in itself.  Yesterday I had two tours so I was walking most of the day.  The day before I was standing at our greeter podium talking to guests that walked up.  That was actually more like 4-5 hours of just standing in one area and that in itself is hard.  Between those two days, I have decided that standing for hours on end is worse than walking.  For one, standing doesn't makes time go by so slowly... and my muscles just freeze up eventually.  I need to keep moving!

I really wish that I had the time and energy to workout, but I do not regret the missed workouts.  I know that if I had kept up my vigorous workouts, then I wouldn't have had the energy to survive the week.  Unfortunately, it's just that time when I have to sacrifice my workouts in order to keep going.  Luckily, the busy season should be ending soon and I'll be able to get back into my workout routine.

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