Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting My Pace Back

After that long break I took, I wasn't at the speed, strength, or just overall fitness level I had been just weeks ago.  It was disheartening to be pushing so hard and not get the same results, but that's why I'm an athlete I push myself through the hard times to get to the good times (no matter how much complaining I'm doing).

This last week has definitely been a challenge trying to get back into shape, but I am getting there.  Already, I'm seeing progress and it's only been 3 runs and a few circuits since I was working more and exercising less.  I'm happy to say my pace is coming down again, the distance is going up, and overall I'm feeling better.  Yes, I'm still walking some, but especially on my last run, I think that's due more to outside factors (I ran like 30 min after I ate... not a good idea for someone who doesn't normally eat before working out).

I know I'm still running uphill to get to my old pace, but that's fine.  I have time to do it and because I am making improvements, I'm excited again to run.  Got the 10 miles I needed to run last week and now I'm playing catch up for the week before, but while that might take some time, eventually I'll catch up to my 10 miles a week average.

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