Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Can Run Faster

This week I ran over 13 miles, which actually felt pretty good.  I ran 4 days, with 3 shorter days and then one longer day.  Today was one of those short days where I only ran 2 miles, but it ended up being a speed workout, which in all honesty was a complete fluke.  I was planning to focus on endurance since that's been hurting the last few runs, but the heat drained me pretty quickly and I was surprised about a half mile in to find I was running at a pretty decent speed.

Now I've been in a comfort zone for my running at around a 9:15 pace (during the running part and then sub-16 min when walking during my longer runs/lazy days).  I've been running this pace most of the year with a few quicker intervals thrown in here and there.  Well today, I ran my 2 miles completely sub-9 min miles.  I was pretty excited since this is the fastest I've run yet.

It's amazing how you can get into grooves without thinking about and then magically one day you realize, "oh!  I can run faster" or "I can work out harder!"  It was a nice wake up call; and I do mean nice.  It was inspiring and motivational to see that I could run at these speeds when I previously thought I had a nice pace and wasn't really going to worry about making them any faster.  While I might not be running the half marathon or full marathon with 8-something minute miles, it could happen a bit farther down the road if I can help it.

Another reason it was a nice surprise is because I've had a tough time with non-athletes and non-runners this week understanding the level of commitment I do put into my runs.  While I may not be in the same competitive zone that I was with swimming, I still put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into my runs.  Quite a few of the friends I've made in the last year don't understand why I got to bed early the night before a long run or why I don't have so many drinks at a restaurant.  Luckily I do have those who do understand (my friends from work were surprisingly understandable last night when I bailed from a party early), and I do see the rewards of my efforts.  Plus, I know those who really support me and my commitments and those people are in a whole other level of friendship to me (and family of course).

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  1. Non runner/athlete friends just really don't get it. Kind of frustrating, but then again I really don't get them not wanting to go to bed early to get up early for an awesome run.

    YAY for getting faster!