Saturday, April 22, 2017

Star Wars Dark Side 10k

This race showed up quicker than I was really expecting, or hoping it would.  After all the difficulties in training and changes in my everyday life, I knew I wasn't ready for this race.  I had barely gotten over 3.1 miles in any of my runs and it was just on frustration after another.  Regardless, the expos are always fun and help get you excited, and I was running with friends who were either in a similar position as me or were being super encouraging.

The expo was really non-eventful.  We got in, picked up our bibs and race shirts, and then went to explore the expos.  There were some fun things as always, but nothing I was dying to have.  I guess not being the biggest Star Wars fan (I like it, but don't need stuff from it) finally helped me out.  I think this was the first time I actually left the expo without buying anything.  My wallet and bank account were thankful for that.  It was still fun in the expo and was exciting to see how they changed everything to the star wars theme.  A nice addition- Senses Spa was there and offering manicures and massages.  I did try on the race shirts, which I typically don't like, and they actually fit nicely.

I spent yesterday relaxing before the race, visited the pool, finished my homework, and then made dinner and watched TV.  I felt good, slightly restless, but I want to feel that way cause usually it means I'm ready to run.  I was right...

The race was early as usual, but totally worth the people watching.  The people did not disappoint!  So many awesome outfits, a couple crazy ones (one guy ran in just a speedo and shoes).  My friends and I spent the morning relaxing, talking, and just people watching.  They were playing clips from the movies, trailers, and even had the trailer for The Last Jedi.  Eventually we made it to our corals, and eventually the time came to run...

Starting at the Magic Kingdom parking lot definitely helped with spacing.  We spent about 3 miles on the open road, there was plenty of room to spread out and get around people.  I could hold a decently steady pace and had plenty of room to stop and walk if need be.  The first long stretch was kind of boring compared to other runs, but it was a good time to just run.  That's more than you usually get at these races.

Running through the parks was fun as always.  Since we had spread out on World Drive for the first half, the crowding in the park, and more importantly the Boardwalk/Beach Club areas.  I remember that being the worst/hardest part of the marathon all those years ago.  Rumor has it, that was the worst crowd spot during last years race as well.  Flipping the course so the constructed areas were at the end, once we had all spread out.

The character lines were massively long, but I wasn't shocked at all.  Again, another good reason I'm not a big enough fan that I needed all the pictures.  I actually think my picture days on the runs are coming to an end...

I do have to say, apparently the Swan and Dolphin had some sort of 5K (At least I think it's those hotels) and they ran it on top of our race.  So there was a section of dodging random, non-runDisney runners, and it appeared they were getting lost and going out race.  Hopefully Disney will be explaining to those hotels all the problems... I get it's great to take advantage of an opportunity such piggy backing on another race, but then make sure you're not screwing the main race up.

Everything was pretty normal at the end.  Met up with my friends, took pictures together, ate some of our snacks, and then decided to go home.  I got my little nap and stretching is next on the agenda.  Tomorrow is double today... it's going to be interesting, that's for sure!

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  1. Stephanie - I hope all is well. This is some pretty amazing stuff. Looking forward to the new film. I haven't seen much in 2018. If you're still writing and have a second, I've love to chat about one of your archived posts. I can be reached at virgilnci(@)gmail(dot)com. I hope all is well, V