Monday, January 23, 2012

Overcoming Self Sabotage

So I've been open about the fact that a part of my inspiration to complete these running events comes from me wanting to lose weight and get healthy.  However, the biggest obstacle to reach these goals is myself.

While working out I realized how often I am arguing with myself over what I should be doing or what I should be eating.  This morning I decided to do Jillian Michael's Boost Metabolism, Banish Fat video.  It is one of my favorites because of all of the kickboxing moves.  However, it's not like this workout is easy...

During the workout I was constantly telling myself I would finish the workout and I would not give up.  It was hard because I haven't done a workout that hard in a while and I will admit that I did want to stop halfway through and about 2/3 of the way through, but I continued to push.  It was hard, but it did feel good at the end.

But if I think about it, I even try and tell myself to end runs early.  It really does take a certain mental toughness to get through a long run.

My self-sabotaging does not end when it comes to working out.  No, it comes to eating.  I don't know about you guys, but I do spend a good part of the day constantly going back and forth and debating what I want to eat and what I should eat.  Sometimes I stay strong and eat what I should, and other days I just let myself get what's easy (which usually isn't great for me).

Another issue with my diet is snacking.  I'll have a handful here and a handful there, but those handfuls eventually do add up.

Today has so far been a good day for me fighting back and not letting myself fall to the temptation of different foods and ending my workout early.  My goal: continue this determination and willpower for who knows how long.  For now, I leave you with this picture and idea:


  1. usually we are our own worst enemy :) having good mental strategies to push through helps in workouts no doubt! i'm going to try the same with eating.. you know the I'll run to the next fence post, maybe I'll not snack until the next commercial break :)

  2. Great job being strong today and pushing through. It can be tough especially if you work out alone.