Friday, January 13, 2012

Let's Get Lost

I've been moving around a lot recently.  My internship ended just over a week ago and I'm in temporary housing as my house gets built.  Due to the transient lifestyle, I've been finding new routes.

Yesterday, I checked out the map for the area where I'm staying and found what I thought would be a nice route to run.  I had no clue how far it would be or how long it would take me to get everywhere.  There were a lot of walking paths that intersected and deviated from each other so I knew it was going to be interesting.

This morning I got ready for my run and rechecked my map.  Again, I knew it was going to somewhat of a challenge to stay on a route.  After all, this is a new area for me.  So I figured out a few landmarks from the map and decided that it was time to get lost.

Ok, I didn't get lost in the conventional sense of the word.  I knew where I was, sorta, and I was able to find my way back to my room.  All in all, it was a great run.  It ended up being just over 5 miles and I got to explore the area where I'm staying which was fun.

In my opinion, one of the great things about running is that you can just go off and get lost on a run.  You can stop thinking about life and where you are and just let loose.  You never know what you might stumble upon or what great routes you might find.  On today's run I found a route I'm going to try tomorrow morning and I'll admit I'm anxious to get out there and explore again.  As for the things I stumbled upon... check out this cute gazebo they had, but it was designed like a carousel:

In other news, I've decided to set up a few new goals.  

First, I WILL be doing the full marathon in 2013.  It'll be good for my health and I think it's just a great goal overall.  

Second, I MIGHT be doing the Goofy in 2014... I have 2 years to train for that, I think I can do it... 

Third, I want to run 400-500 miles in 2012.  I haven't decided on an exact number, but I want over 1 mile a day so anything better than 365 miles is good for me.  Right now, I'm behind with that goal since I've only run just over 8 miles, but I'm ready to tackle that goal and beat it!

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