Friday, January 20, 2012

Good Run Leads To A Good Day

Ok, so this rule doesn't always work, but it does quite often.  Whenever I have a good run, I tend to have a good day.  I get things done, I feel good about myself, and I just have general good outlook on the day.

Today was no different.  I had a pretty good run this morning and so far I've had a great day.   I ran just over 7 miles, and even though my calves were tight most of the time, it still felt pretty good.  Then I got some good stretching in and the shower felt wonderful (which they almost always do after running).  Then I got out and attacked the day. I got my car washed (well, enough that it's not embarrassing anymore), checked up on my house, and had a pretty good brunch.  The great thing is, I got everything done before noon!

Luckily, I'm getting my mornings back to work out starting this week so not only will I be able to work out on a more regular basis, but I see good days ahead.

Now that I've gotten everything I needed to get done, done... I guess I have time to relax and read.  It's pretty warm here in Florida so I'm thinking I might go read by the pool.  Yes I know it's January, but I'm not going to pass up good weather!

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