Monday, January 30, 2012

Fail? Or Just Hit A Limit?

Today was an off run day and so I popped a couple Jillian Michael DVDs into my computer and decided to get a strength workout in.

I started really well.  I jumped back into week 3 of 30 Day Shred and it was pretty intense.  By the 3rd and final circuit my arms and quads were screaming at me. I could barely hold myself up.  I'll admit, there were a few exercises that I did skip.  I figured I was going to do another circuit workout that I could give myself that.

So I decided to move ahead and work on Jillian's Yoga Meltdown DVD.  I figured I would get some good stretches in, loosen up some of the soreness that had set into my legs last night.  But, have I mentioned that pretty much nothing that Jillian Michael's does is easy?  Ya, because it's not.

I barely got through the first part of the Yoga meltdown before collapsing.  My arms were just too tired and my legs were on fire.  There were a lot of static poses added for strength that just made me feel like I was going to collapse into a pile of mush. So yes, I quit.

I still go a pretty decent 30 minute workout in and my arms are still humming from the workout.  These DVDs are meant to be intense and done individually, not together.

I can't decide if I should have kept going and modified my moves or if I really did just hit a limit.  I'm probably going to be sore and my muscles will be singing for a while, but I'll question if I could have gone farther.  Of course, it is probably better that I didn't push myself too far since I have the Princess Half in just a few weeks.  I ran it last year with my ankle injured (or well on the way to recovery) and I don't want to do that again this year.

Here's how I am justifying this... Tomorrow I plan to run 3-5 miles (probably closer to 5) with at least one circuit afterwards.  Now, depending on how board and restless I get since it is my day off I might do an afternoon workout again. Get back into those doubles that I used to do when I was a competitive swimmer and triathlete.

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