Monday, January 2, 2012

Looking Ahead at 2012

I know I'm a day late and 2012 has already begun.  I have a few running races and goals I know I'm planning and who knows what races I might add to that list.  I also have one resolution I'm focusing on this year.

My first running goal is to run 10 miles every week.  I know that some weeks I'll blow past this goal (like the weeks I run Half Marathons... aka 13.1 miles) and others it might be a struggle (weeks I'm recovering after races or if I get injured... which hopefully I won't).  Still, it is my 2012 running goal, as well as a condition to my parents sponsoring two of my races each year.

My race schedule for this year (that I know of thus far):

  • Princess Half Marathon- February 26th
  • Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Mile- September 29th
  • Wine and Dine Half Marathon- November 10th
  • Reindeer Run 5k- December
If I can swing it (in my schedule and financially), I might try and throw in a 5k from time to time.

Now let's get serious of a bit.  New Years Resolutions.  While I feel as though keeping a New Years Resolution should be a resolution in itself, but that isn't what I'm focusing on right now.  Before the new year I had read that one way to keep a resolution is to only have 1.  I have 1 resolution that has two parts... one you focus on after the other is done.

My resolution is a common one, but one I have not yet been able to really control.  I want to (1) lose weight and (2) keep it off.  Eating right and working out... let's see if I can't get a handle on this whole weight thing in 2012, shall we?


  1. I'm hoping to do the Tower of Terror one in September, too! :) I'm also doing the half marathon this weekend. I'm recovering from a sinus infection :( so we'll see how this works out.

  2. Good luck at the Half Marathon this weekend! I have some friends doing it as well and while I wish I could do it, I'm moving this weekend so it just wasn't feasible... check back in and let me know how it was!