Sunday, June 5, 2011

Working Through Changing Plans

Isn't it amazing how quickly well laid out plans can change?  I thought I would be running along the beach yesterday, instead I ended up SCUBA diving because my class meant for today had to be moved to yesterday.  I then thought I would still be running along the beach today, but instead I ended up walking Captain Jack, the family dog, through our neighborhood.

So no running since my long run on Thursday.  My activities since then?

Walking, SCUBA diving, and some more walking.  I have also been doing reverse pull ups.  My arms are getting sore, but I'm still doing them!

Now, with SCUBA diving it doesn't seem like the hardest of workouts, and it really isn't.  Still, this morning my back is a bit sore from carrying the tank and BCD around on the boat.  We don't carry it around too much luckily, and the boat crew takes care of loading the tanks.  We did fight a bit of a current when we were diving near the edge of the island, but that was the biggest workout of the trip.  So, like I said, unless I'm doing beach diving not the greatest of workouts, but you usually come away feeling something.

Tomorrow I will definitely be running.  Probably only about 3 miles, but I definitely need to get out... I'm starting to feel that itch that comes with getting stir crazy...

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