Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Product Review: Jillian Michael's Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism DVD

Coming from years of swimming competitively and then a few years competing in triathlons, I understand the importance of cross training.  It is something that really should be worked in to everyone's training routine in my opinion.  Every sport is great for something... running is great for cardio, weight lifting for muscle growth and toning, and swimming for maintaining your shape and increasing lung capacity.  If you want all of the results, then you have to work at all of the sports.  It's the simple

Since I'm now mostly running and walking, I've looked into doing some circuit training and light weight work outs in order to keep up with my cross training and to stay in shape in general.  I have race goals in running and toning goals in life as well.  So as part of my training I've been using Jillian Michael's DVD's. I've used two in the past; her "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism" and "No More Trouble Zones".  Considering I haven't worked with the trouble zone DVD in a while, I'm going to review her "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism DVD".
Jillian Michael's DVD, all rights are hers.
Jillian Michael's has kick boxing in her history and it shows in this DVD.  A lot of the routines are throwing punches or kicks.  It really makes it a lot of fun because you can visualize all your frustration and kick some invisible ass!  I've always been interested in kick boxing and so I think the video is a lot of fun.  While the work out is fun it's still hard.  You have to be prepared to sweat.  I'm usually sweating by the end of the 2nd circuit, if not before that.

What does the workout consist of?
A warm up, 7 circuits, and a cool down.  Each circuit consists of 5 activities and you go through the entire circuit twice.

What do you need?
You, the mindset that you will get it done, a towel because you will be sweating, and some water.

What's the intensity level?
I would estimate it to be around an intermediate/advanced level.  However, Jillian does talk about how to alter some of the exercises to make them easier or harder.  My shoulder is still hurting and so I put my knees down during a push-up-like exercise.  She also showed you how to make it harder by lifting one foot while doing the same exercise.

The good?
The workout definitely makes you work and you feel it.  You might be painfully sore after the first one, but usually you're just sweaty with the shadows of soreness in some muscles.  You can also do the workout anywhere because you don't need anything.  I've been keeping the DVD in my computer and just setting it up where I can do my workout.  It's great for rainy days when you can't run or get to the gym or run or if you don't have a gym membership or any weights with you.

The bad?
You have to have the right mindset to complete the DVD.  It does feel like it is super wrong and is taking forever, but that's part of doing a workout by yourself with no one else around.  Like I said earlier, you have to have the right mindset to get through it.  I personally don't like the music so I usually have my ipod on for music of the TV on next to it so I have something else to hold my attention and get me through the workout.  The best solution? Find a workout buddy to do it with you and then make some smoothies or have some other after workout snack together.

Overall, I really love my Jillian Michael DVD's.  I've had the Fat Burner and the Trouble Zones for about 2 years and have done them spontaneously these last couple of years.  I am working on doing them more.  I was thinking about focusing on one video a week that way I never get bored of one video and I change up the workout so I can shake up my muscle's memory.

I have also ordered 3 new DVD's from Jillian Michaels.  They should be getting here within the next week and I'll be getting into each one as soon as I can.  The "Ripped in 30" is on its way and I'm still waiting for "Yoga Meltdown" and "6 Week Six-Pack" to be shipped.  I'm getting excited though!

I'll review the new videos, as well as Trouble Zones as I work through them again.  I'll also be reviewing running apps and some workout items that are my personal favorites.

As a note: I am not a personal trainer, nor do I consider myself an expert on any level when it comes to sports equipment or workouts.  These are just my opinions of the items I use in my workout.  Try them out for yourself if you're interested, if not, ignore them.

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