Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weight Room!

When I was swimming for my college I worked out in a weight room for a few hours each week.  It wasn't much compared to the other sports, or even the other swimmers since it wasn't as important for distance swimmers.  Ever since I quite swimming, I've been trying to do home weights or anything else I could find to emulate the experience I had in the weight room.

Of course, nothing is exactly the same.  However, my new complex has a small weight room in the "clubhouse".  I was able to get a glance at it for a brief second when I checked in, but nothing more.  Today I actually took some time and decided to look around...

It was a bit small, but is perfect for a good arm workout.  There are a few weight machines, 2 stationary bikes, 3 treadmills, and 2 ellipticals.  I guess when it gets too hot to run outside I can use the ellipticals.  I did get in about a 20 minute arm workout, just using the hand weights and one of the benches.  I also used one of the physio balls for some abs before I left.  I didn't try any of the machines, but I might try some at another point in time.

I have yet to run still since Wednesday.  Work doesn't start till later tomorrow so maybe I'll run around my housing complex and see where some of the sidewalks lead?  Otherwise I might use an elliptical or treadmill and get an yoga or abs video in as well.  We'll just have to see...

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