Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Running in the Rain

Ok... well it's not real rain as compared to the rain I will be getting when I move to Orlando... It's Cali rain which usually ranks up there with sprinkles.  Today was no different.  It was just enough to make everything wet, but I wasn't being pounded by rain drops.  

Personally, I love running in the rain.  It keeps you cool and it just creates this misty world around you.  It's amazing how some water in the air can change an environment so much.  I'll run in mist and rain unless I'm sick, but coming from California, we don't really get rain.  We get fog, lots of it in the summer, but it's not the same.

The other great thing about running in the rain?  I get to wear my favorite running clothes, a long sleeve jersey and black running tights... It's usually too hot to wear them in the spring and summer and even fall, but come the winter or any of these nice rain storms, and they get to come out.

Now, while I personally enjoy running in the rain... I would rather NOT graduate in it.  So, if Mother Nature would be so kind as to get all this rain out of her system throughout the week and have an absolutely gorgeous weekend, that would be much appreciated!

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