Thursday, June 16, 2011

Long Runs Hurt... Period

I think I was sore before I was even done with my run this morning... which means the rest of the days is going to hurt (but most likely be spent resting in bed or on the couch since I'm on vacation still).

Now, a part of this really is my fault.  Since moving home I haven't been doing anything over 2.5 miles really, maybe a run or two close to 3, but still, not much considering the average of 4 miles I was doing at school.  There are two reasons I like to tell myself:

1. There are hills here and I really don't like hills (although I've been trying to conquer them all)

2. I like to run about 1/2 hour or so before my parents take the dog out so I can walk with them.  They walk early in the morning which I means I have to get up early to beat them.

So my endurance training is lacking to say the least; and I knew it going into my long run this morning.  But I just really really wanted to get one long run in before I left for Florida.  I knew I needed it physically and I really liked an old course I used to do when I ran to swim practice.  So I ran that course, plus a little extra and ended my run at about 7 miles.  An increase from my current farthest for this training session of about .5 of a mile and seriously longer than any of my recent runs.

Considering I knew I was going to be sore and I knew this was going to be a challenging run, I did stretch for a bit in the morning, occasionally on the run, and then when I got home.  I have a rolling stick and will probably roll out my legs later this afternoon and tomorrow (rolling sticks and foam rollers should be every athletes best stretching friend in my opinion).

Now, I don't sit at a light and jog in place.  I see that red hand as a signal saying "Stop, breathe, stretch". I have bad ankles that can also run into my calves and light poles are just perfect for stretching my ankle and calves.  So I spend those few seconds stretching.  I usually feel better after I stretch on the light (occasionally I get a nice pop that really makes a difference) and can once again attack the run.  On my longer runs I'm actually hoping I hit a red light so I get that break, and at times I give myself that break just so I can catch my breath and get those ankles stretched.

The other cause of pain from long runs?  Chaffing.  Ya, it sucks and I don't know any runners who haven't chaffed at some point.  On the half marathons I keep learning of new places I chaff on the super long runs, but typically I chaff in my inner thighs and under my arms.  Unfortunately, this has been happening more recently because I've ran out of my Bodyglide.  I've had so much I haven't had to buy any in years and I ran out about a month or so ago.  So guess what I'm getting this weekend?  Bodyglide!  Especially since with the help of Bodyglide or a product like it, I can prevent and eliminate chaffing and thus prevent one source of pain from running.


  1. Kudos for the ambition ... Hope you recover quickly. Sending healing vibes your way :-)