Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beating the Bug

Illnesses are a part of life and they love to bring us down.  Currently, my house has a bug going around and while I don't feel too bad my sinuses are draining to my throat.  Considering I'm graduating and moving soon as well as training for all these races, I'm not planning on getting sick.  I am going to beat this bug.


First, of course I'm keeping hydrated, eating right, etc... I'm also drinking juice and taking airborne in order to stop it.  I'm not completely certain airborne works, but I want to hit this bug with everything so it doesn't get the chance to grow into something bigger.

Second, I'm keeping with my workout plan.  I was told at some point one of the best things to do when you're sick is to get up, get moving, and get some fresh air.  Of course, you don't push it if you can't do it, but I'm still keeping with the walking and running now.  I'm getting the fresh air and getting my blood pumping.  In all honesty, after I went out on the walk my throat felt better.

So we'll see if my pro-active, blood pumping theory works in the next few days I guess.  I'm thinking today I might spend part of the day outside.  It's become absolutely beautiful since the rain moved off yesterday afternoon.

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