Monday, June 13, 2011

Eating Through Celebrations

I was originally going to post a product review for either the Nike+ app or Jillian Michael's DVD's.  However, this past weekend had me looking at another issue that a lot of athletes, and people in general face.  How do you get through celebrations without gaining what feels like a 100 pounds?

Some background: I graduated from college this weekend which meant there were multiple dinners, parties, and of course the ceremony itself.

I was obviously around a lot of food this weekend, and a lot of good food to say the least.  I went to two restaurants with my parents, family, and family friends where we had 3 course meals.  Then there was my Dad's home cooked meals, especially at my graduation party, which is always amazing.  He even made my favorite desert: tiramisu!

I did survive the weekend with minimal if no weight gain.  No I didn't run (I know, shameful, but unfortunately true).  Now I wasn't counting the calories of every savory bite I ate.  However, I was walking around, running around for errands and getting the house ready, and just being active overall.

I was aware of my snacking (I was the official taste tester for my Dad) and just how much I was eating.  I also understand just how much I have to run, how many circuits I will have to do, etc.  I did get a few reverse pull ups in (I'm past half way up doing a regular pull up!) and a quick 20 min circuit for my arms.  Not my ideal situation for my workouts, but graduation is exhausting in general!

So my plan now that graduation is done? Consciously be aware of what I'm eating, get back into a running and workout schedule, and just continue living.  I'll be having fun training and enjoying all of my food as I run my way into better shape.

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