Monday, June 27, 2011

Running In Place

After this morning I have been on a treadmill a grand total of 2 times.  Yup, once a few years ago when I went to the gym during my winter swim break with a friend and then today.

Like I said yesterday, I'm kind of nervous to run outside here in Orlando, mainly because there aren't great sidewalks near my apartment complex (ok, just grass on the side of the road) and I really don't know how drivers react and what not.  I have seen people running outside so I know it's nothing too terrible, but I'm still going to wait for a bit.  I've been told some of my future coworkers run during lunch so I figured I'd wait and run with them to learn some routes.  I'll just have to get used to the heat and humidity... joy.

Still, I need to run.  The half marathon will hurt if I just do abs, arms, and yoga workouts.  I might be stronger in general, but my cardio probably won't be where it needs to be and what not.  So I went back to the gym today and decided to try and run on the elliptical and then I saw the treadmills and decided I'd give that a go for a while.

My original plan was to run 4 miles total, 2 on the treadmill and then 2 on the elliptical.  I ended up just getting into a groove and the treadmill and went all 4 miles on it.  It just felt more natural to me than the elliptical and so I just fell into a rhythm and kept going.  It did help there were little mini-tv's set up on the treadmill so I was able to watch the news while I ran.

Overall, the run felt really good and the treadmill wasn't as bad as I originally thought.  Do I still like running outside better?  Of course.  Will I survive running on a treadmill?  In the humidity here, you betchya.

So the run report for the day:
Total Distance: 4.01 Miles
Time: 40:41
Pace: 10'08"/mi
Personal Record: 5K at 31:14

Since I've been using the Nike+ app on my phone, I've also been playing with the Nike website where it stores your run info.  A week and a half or so ago I had made a goal to run 10 times by July 14th and I can say I am perfectly on track for that right now, and who knows... I might just beat it.

Tomorrow I'll be resting, I think.  If I'm feeling good I might to a quick workout after work or something, but we'll see....

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