Friday, May 11, 2012

Tai Chi For Mind And Body- By David Haas

Tai Chi For Mind And Body
By David Haas

A large part of centering oneself while fighting cancer is finding that one thing that makes you content and calm. Tai Chi is a practice that involves centering the mind and body, while pushing yourself to the limit. Slow-motion choreography is part of this practice, and you will slowly link the mind to the body for optimal relaxation and reparative benefits.

Getting Started With Tai Chi

It is never too late to start a Tai Chi routine. Whether you are newly diagnosed with cancer or in remission, you can begin at any time. Start by doing five to 10 minutes of Tai Chi per day. The purpose of Tai Chi is to allow each movement to flow into the next. Constant motion is ideal, but beginners may not be able to maintain as much movement.

Choose a style that interests you. Each style has different principles and methods, and can help people of different backgrounds. Some forms focus on a martial arts aspect, which can be excellent for sharpening your fighter skills.

Benefits Of Tai Chi

Cancer patients have so much to gain from practicing this art regularly. Feelings of grace, centeredness and strength are some of the most common. Tai Chi greatly reduces stress and can alleviate pain.

Tai Chi is also low impact, which makes it perfect for those that are weakened by cancer treatment. Even those undergoing cancer treatments for mesothelioma will be able to work with this. Older cancer patients will find that this practice doesn’t hurt the joints, bones or ligaments.

Tai Chi costs very little to learn. If you opt for a private instructor, it will cost more. It can be done indoors, outdoors, in groups or alone. A simple DVD is enough to teach you the basics so you can practice on your own.

Cancer treatments can cause more pain than cancer itself. This fitness routine relieves chronic pain, improves sleep quality and increases energy and agility. It’s an all around beneficial practice to enliven the body and feel stronger while fighting cancer.

Centering The Mind And Body

Tai Chi is meditative. Meditation has been proven to relieve stress and improve quality of life. For those that have cancer, this is a major plus and can be life altering. Practicing Tai Chi often will provide sustained health benefits, but it will also provide immediate feelings of health and vitality.

Don't worry if it is awkward at first, it will quickly become your favorite fitness activity as you start to feel the powerful healing effects of Tai Chi.

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