Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Accomplished Day

So I said yesterday that I would report back about my run.  Well, I did get a nice 4.1 mile run in this morning.  I didn't cramp as bad as I did in the past and I'd like to say that's because I've been drinking a lot more water this last week.  I've had at least 4 cups of water at work (and I should be having more) and then a few more at home.

On top of my decent recovery week run, I also had a few deliveries today.  I received my patio set, TV stand, and had a carpenter fix a cabinet issue.  The TV stand and cabinet fix were quick, easy, and painless.  The patio set was another issue.  There was one problem after another.    It took me a good part of the morning, and a few phone calls, to get the table up and standing.  Still, I was able to do it and I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.

So I think I've deserved some rest.  I have friends coming over to hang out tonight so I'm going to clean a bit more before I'm done...

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