Tuesday, February 21, 2012

See You Later Alligator

I had a nice taper run around the neighborhood I just moved into. This afternoon's run was actually my first since moving into my new house. It was quite nice and I got to see a few of the other neighboring housing tracks.

While on my run I ran past one of the many small ponds that speckle Florida. I thought nothing of it until I was turning around the edge of the pond and noticed a nose and two eyes sticking up in the middle of the pond.

Yup, an alligator was resting in the pond. He didn't seem to mind me running by and I just kept an eye on him. It was a nice understanding and I was able to move past the lake quickly enough.

Who knows if the alligator will still be there when I run by on Friday... If he is, our agreement better still be in place.i just have one more run before the Half Marathon. I'm hoping for another 5k or 4 miles, but I won't push it now.

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