Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Running Clothes!

You know what can be great inspiration to run again?  Getting new running apparel!  Now I didn't go crazy with a whole new workout wordrobe, but I did get a few new things...

There's a Reebok and Nike outlet close to me and I had already fallen in love with the Reebok store as I could get their Easytones pretty cheap there.  I was looking for running pants, and while they had some decent yoga pants, capris, and shorts, I was just looking for something a bit tighter.  So I headed over to Nike where I found running Capris and running shorts at Nike, along with some new socks.

So guess what I'm doing tomorrow... yup, going for a run in my new Capris!

While I didn't get any shirts I was looking at some shirts from one of my favorite brands, One More Mile. I bought one of their shirts at my first Half Marathon and wore it last year at the Princess Half.  The front said "I Thought They Said Rum?"  I can tell you, the Pirates on the course really loved that shirt.

This year I found a new shirt I might be interested in.  We'll see if I actually get it, but check it out (and check out One More Mile!

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