Monday, February 13, 2012

Finally, It's Cold!

All December and January, I was running in shorts and t-shirts because it was so warm.  Just a week or so ago I was actually cutting a run short because I didn't have enough water!  Then, a cold front comes in and while it's not as cold as some areas up north, it's cold to this SoCal/Florida Transplant Girl.  I'm used to warm weather... I don't do cold.

I applaud those of you who get out there and run in snow and freezing temperatures. Of course you guys also have all of the right gear (gloves, hats, etc), but still that takes a lot.  I don't know if I would be able to  get out there and run or if I would hibernate through the winter.

I did get out of comfort zone today and sucked in a cold breath before starting my run... Luckily I do have some cold weather running clothes, and I actually should have worn some of my heavier items.  I did get to wear my new capris from Nike and they are awesome!  I'm even thinking about wearing them for the Princess Half in a few weeks!  I wore a long sleeve tech shirt and while it was ok, I should have worn my thicker red cycling shirt because it is that much warmer.

Although the nice thing about getting out there and running this morning, I was able to run through this stupid cold. I think yesterday was the worst of it.  I felt it all day and people even noticed I wasn't my normal bubbly self.  I'm feeling a lot better today and the run just helped push this cold out.  Yes my throat is still a bit sore and I'm still coughing, but overall feeling a lot better.  My other secret weapon... TheraFlu.  I swear, I just need 2 packets of this stuff and I'm feeling almost 100% better.

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