Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bib Numbers Are Out!

I've been seeing some people mentioning their bib numbers and I finally found mine.  Since I'm running this as a team, my number is in the 20,000s... to be exact it's 20850 (my teammate is 20851).  The arrival of the numbers means the race is only getting closer.

In fact, the race is 3 weeks out!  This time in 3 weeks I should be finishing the half marathon and getting back to get cleaned up.  Each week gets more and more exciting!

I was able to get a nice 7 mile run this morning. I did run into this little turtle who was hanging out next to the nature path.


  1. That is nice they send them out ahead of time, and would make me really excited too!

    How fun to see a turtle while you are out running.

  2. Ya, the bib numbers are on the waivers so we can bring those already filled out to registration. It's a great process they have set up!

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