Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Adding Hand Weights

I've started to pull back from some the really intense circuit workouts as the first step to prepare for the Princess Half.  I love my hard circuits and feeling sore, but I need to start focusing on preparing for the race.  I've run sore before and I don't feel like doing that for 13.1 miles...

I found a new set of daily circuits that aren't too hard, but still get the point across.  The funny thing is, I actually found these workouts on Pinterest (one of my new interests).  I've pinned them on my Health and Fitness board along with a bunch of inspiring quotes and pictures.  If you want to take a look click here.

Anyway, while the circuits are pretty good, I decided to add in some hand weights.  It was just a little something to add that much more to my workout.  As Jillian Michaels always says, you're working out multiple body regions at the same time which is creating a better workout.  Most of the exercises I added weights to were actually in some of Jillian's workouts and so I was familiar with the addition and I trying something totally new (which as we all know isn't always a good idea...).
So, I ended up doing 2 rounds of the circuit (they take anywhere from 10-15 minutes each round) with the additional weights.  It really did feel good and I did get that shaky muscle feeling afterwards for a bit.  Do I expect to be sore tomorrow? No.  But that's a good thing since I'm planning a run in the morning.

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