Sunday, September 2, 2012

Corral A!!!!!

This was just the news I needed today.  I haven't been feeling well, but this evening I saw that the corral placements were up for the Tower of Terror.  I figured I was halfway in the pack like I normally am, but this time I was wrong.

I'm in Corral A!

Ok, yes, there are about 2500 bib numbers (which I assume means people) in Corral A, but still.  I'm usually in Corral C for these races, or even D.  So this is an amazing improvement and wonderful news.  It seems like the race is getting closer and closer and closer... O wait, that's because it is!

With all the improvements I've had in my running since February and my current training for the full Marathon, I'm planning on having an awesome race!

I was actually thinking about wearing some sort of variation on my pirate costume for the race, but I'm not completely sure yet.  I've never really been into costume running, but it is Halloween.  Of course, it depends on if I'm wearing that costume for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party.  I don't want it smelling like sweat if I wear it for the party...

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