Friday, August 31, 2012

Race Ethics: Medals

So I was skimming some of the disney boards and reading about the races coming up when I found an interesting thread.  It was all about being swept and getting a medal even if you didn't finish the race.

Now there was nothing that was concrete for recent runDisney races although it did sound like if you're swept they give you a medal anyway, they want to make everyone happy.  I understand Disney's point of view in doing so, but I also understand the issues coming from runners who have and have not finished.  One runner who was swept from the marathon part of the goofy race said she was offered the Mickey medal, but not the Goofy one even though she had completed the half the day before.

Personally, for Disney, I wish they would have some sort of participant medal and then a finisher medal.  Heck, in all honest I think the participant medal should be more like the 5k ones than the half/full marathon medals.  That way everyone gets something, but you distinguish between those who finished and those who didn't.  Kind of like when you're younger and everyone gets a participant ribbon, but those who win get place ribbons.

I am happy to see that relay participants are getting different medals for their efforts.  For me, that would be along the same lines as getting swept considering together the relayers finish the race, but individually they only run half.  They definitely deserve medals, just not the full marathon medal.

Now I know Disney has had issues with medals being swiped in the past and then sold on ebay.  One person had like 6 or 7 Princess medals a few years back and claimed none of their friends wanted them so they were selling them all.  They disappeared right after someone mentioned they notified Disney.  Apparently Disney lawyers scare people?  I understand some people might buy unwanted medals (although who doesn't want their medal?) for shadow boxes and what not, but to put it on a place where anyone can just buy it... that just seems wrong.

And the people who are buying medals that haven't actually run the race or were swept before the half way mark... well, I just know I would never be able to.

Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule.  If something happens and an injury occurs (happens more often than we would all like), well depending on where participant or finisher medals will definitely be needed.  This case was highlighted during and well after my first Half Marathon in 2010. I'm not going to ruin the story, just watch a youtube video here of the event.

On that note, I have less than a month now until the Tower of Terror race and I'm getting excited!  I have yet to really see any medal concepts or designs for the race, but considering they've revamped the whole thing... I'm just excited to see what they have in store for us!

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