Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yup, It's Still Hot

I made the mistake of taking my time before heading out on my run this morning and I paid for it within my first few steps.  I felt lethargic and hot and just not good.  I hate to admit it, but I almost immediately started to talk myself into cutting my run short.

If I stopped at 2 miles I'd run another two this evening or I'd run 4 tomorrow... If I do 3 miles then I'll just run tomorrow after work...  However, I had 2 things helping me get to the 4.25 miles I needed to run today.

First, I had the Galloway plan.  I used his run/walk plan and it really helped me make sure I never became super fatigued.  It also gave me some rest to look forward to and my running pace managed to stay around the same.

Second, I had my handy dandy Nike+ app going on my phone.  I had set a 4 mile goal so my phone kept helping my count down.  I was definitely considering stopping just after mile 3, but when that monotone robotic voice came on to tell me "1 More Mile Left", well I knew I could do it so I kept on running, instead of heading home.

Now 4 miles is usually my first wall.  It's where I finally get really warmed up and I start feeling better after 4 miles.  I get into my groove I guess you could say.  The last .25 felt pretty good and I even turned around and had a nice walk to cool down after the run.

It's funny how some runs can start off terrible and end up pretty nice.  I guess it's really true that I would have regretted it if I had stopped earlier than I had planned on (and I'll totally admit to the fact I more than likely wouldn't have run tonight or tomorrow) and I'm happy I did get through the complete run.

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