Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Quickie, But A Goodie

My plan was to get a nice kickboxing workout in this morning and then relax till this evening when I have a Fantasy Football draft.  But alas, I ended up doing more.  I got a nice little 2 mile run in before kickboxing.

It was just enough to get warmed up and get any lactic acid or tightness in my legs to loosen up.  In all honesty, it's been one of my best feeling runs recently.  I think my newest shoes are finally on the verge of being completely broken in and I'm just feeling stronger.

It's also nice that the weather is finally cooling down.  I was able to wear my capris running pants and it wasn't too hot.  It was still early, but it would have already been hot and humid at that time a month ago.  I love my winter running gear so that's just exciting for me. 

So now I'm feeling good, ready to rest up and be prepared for this fantasy football draft tonight!

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