Monday, September 17, 2012

Garmin Connect

So a fun part of having the Garmin Forerunner, is the fact I can link it up to the Garmin Connect website and analyze my run.  Yes, this was one aspect I had a bit of an issue setting up, but once I finally got the watch-computer-website to connect and start talking to each other, it's worked pretty smoothly.  

Once I finish a run, I just need to walk by my computer with the ANT+ stick in it and my watch on.  Then it takes a minute or two and uploads to the website.  While I have the map here blown out, it does get closer so you can see your route.  It was all the general information (distance, time, splits, etc...)

Personally, I've had a lot of fun with the heart rate information and the graphs.  Yes, there's nothing but a line on the elevation, but again, I live in Florida... it's flat.  You can definitely see where my walking times were (pretty even considering it's the Galloway plan) and even my heart rate somewhat follows.  What I'd actually love to figure out to do is place the heart rate info over the pace.  That could be cool to see.

I feel like I'm back in all of my science classes analyzing information. Just this time it's information about me and not plants, or ocean tides, or animals.

So yes, after having my watch for a few weeks, I'm still definitely enjoying the watch.  So far, it's been a good purchase (Thanks Dad).

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