Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tower of Terror Mini Report

So this won't be my super long report with pictures and everything because I get to go work.  Yes, that's right... just barely 4.5 hours after I got home from what was an amazing night, I get to go to work... joy (sarcasm).

First, I want to say that my run last night was for my horse.  Not but a few hours earlier did we decide to put her down due to quality of life issues (her arthritis condition had gotten bad again).  Yes, I understand normally that you dedicate runs to people, but Willie was part of the family.  She'd been a part of the family since I was 8 and has taught me more about working with animals, hard work, and life than I think a lot of other contributing factors in my life has.

Now, for the run....

Holy crap was it hot.  Now this was the first time I had worn a costume and I didn't think it would be super hot, but it was.  I was burning up and I'm pretty sure I'm trashing the costume now.  O well, it had an interesting life...

Overall, the run was a lot of fun.  Not as many characters out which kind of disappointed me, but I figured they might have been at the after party which I didn't stay for.  I did get a few nice pictures with some villains which I'll post tonight.  I think the only one they probably really missed is the headless horseman, but I'll see him next week at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

I felt really, really strong in the run and only stopped for water and then characters for most of the run.  Between mile 7-9 I had a few more extra stops, but overall ran more than I really thought I would, and faster too!  It's going to be fun analyzing everything when I upload it to the Garmin Connect site.

So yes, check back tonight for a longer, more in depth review of the race and for some pictures!!!!

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