Saturday, February 9, 2013

Moving Up in Corrals!

The Princess Half Marathon is in just a few weeks so all of the last details are coming out... including the corral assignments.  Now, other than the marathon and 10 miler I've always been in Corral C.  For those other two races I was in G and B respectively.  Well, that's apparently all changing right now.

For the 5th Anniversary Princess Half Marathon, I will be moving on up to Corral B!  I am actually pretty excited about this because I was never really expecting it.  I got into running to stay in shape when I retired from swimming.  Swimming and triathlons were my competitive sports, I was never and still never think of running as something I'm going to get into competitively.  So that fact I moved up in a corral, shows that my training is starting to come through!

Now the hardest part will be living up to that.  Guess I have to work harder at getting back into my running stride and endurance before the Princess to keep up with this B corral.

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