Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Am A Princess

My parents might die when they see that title considering I've always been anti-princess.  I'm more of a pirates kind of girl, but while that won't be changing anytime soon... my feelings towards the princesses might be softening.

I recently ran across a video of Disney's new definition of a princess... check it out:

Growing up, I always thought of princesses as the damsel in distress that needed the prince to come save her.  Yes they do all have some redeeming qualities, but I never really saw them standing up too much for themselves.  I mean Belle did, yes, but they were still somewhat at the mercy of everyone else and didn't really have too many ideas for the future.

Recently the princesses have been changing.  Tiana wanted to be a chef and run her own restaurant.  She was head strong and helped save her prince.  Then there was Rapunzel who, while still needed help from her prince, helped him as well.  In my opinion she is right there with Belle, but maybe a little higher considering she did do a lot more fighting and sacrificed a lot more than some magical tears.  Finally, Merida who doesn't even have a prince and gets herself in trouble and out of it.  I like the change in attitude and I've talked to quite a few others; my age, older, and some parents who share my same feelings.  It definitely seems to be a welcome change.

So yes, we are all princesses.  We are all strong and can forge our own paths, but we can always use the help of a prince who stands beside us.  We all have dreams we wish upon a start to come true.  We are all our own knights in shining armor.

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  1. Great post! Thanks so much for sharing this with me...I've had the page open on my computer for a day and keep looking at it again. Thanks!!