Friday, February 22, 2013

Fit For A Princess Expo

Now, I love expos, but this morning's was a tad bit crazy.  I think everyone and their family decided to be at the opening of the expo.  The funny thing was, even though there was a long line, the crowd didn't seem too bad when I actually got inside.  Part of it was probably because the expo and registration pick up were in the same room.  The room was split, but you could easily go between the two.

A lot of people were going straight to the expo and what appeared to be the race merchandise area.  As much as I love all my t-shirts, jackets, cups, pins, and everything else I acquire from the race merchandise area, I decided to avoid it.

That's definitely not saying that I left the area empty handed.  It wouldn't be a running expo if I left empty handed!

Of course Disney makes sure you leave with something just for registering and showing up. In their goody bag was the race shirt (purple this year which was a welcomed change), a pink bag, button, Luna bar, and I got a pin that I purchased with my registration.

As for my mini shopping spree... I bought a pair of Nike capris and 2 more princess shirts. I guess I really am slowly turning into a princess...



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