Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Starting Over Again and Again and Again

The worst part about balancing a crazy life with workouts, is that when life gets really, really crazy and the workouts get forgotten for a bit, it seems like I'm starting all over... again.  This cycle is absolutely killing me!

It's not like I'm giving up and then deciding to restart in my determination.  Even in those periods where I don't want to run, I still am running and working out.  Yet I always feel like I get to a good place and then something happens (busy work schedule, vacation, getting sick...) and I'm back at square one.

Today was no different.  I was having a hard time getting going and getting back to the same speed and fitness level I was at before everything went crazy.  I know I'll eventually get there, I just hate the waiting and rebuilding.  Plus, I have my first real vacation home next week, but luckily I'm not planning on taking a vacation from running.  If anything, the change in scenery and the lack of a work schedule will probably be better for my motivation.

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  1. Very apt. I have the same problem with running!